How Often Should You Really Get Your Chevrolet Serviced?

An essential part of making sure that your Chevrolet car or SUV stays safe and reliable in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is to ensure that you are regularly getting it serviced. How often you need to get your car serviced depends on how you use your car. If you regularly take long commutes and have high mileage, then you will need to get your car serviced more often.

If you need to get your Chevrolet serviced, then a Chevrolet car dealership in Myrtle Beach can fix and maintain your car for you.

What should your Chevrolet car maintenance schedule be like?

When you first bought your car, it came with an Owner's Manual. This manual provides information on how often you should get your car serviced. The general rule of thumb is that you should take your car in for a minor service every six months and a major service every twelve months.

However, a more reliable way to tell if your car needs servicing or not is to check your mileage:

  • Every 7500 miles: You should take your car into a car dealership in Myrtle Beach for a minor service. Your technician will check the texture and level of your engine oil and then change it, rotate your car's tires, check and replace other vehicle fluids, and run a general diagnostics on your car.
  • Every 15,000 miles: You should opt for a bigger servicing option. At this point, alongside the aforementioned repairs, your technician will also change your cabin air filter, check your car's suspension and exhaust, ensure that the cooling system is working fine, inspect your breaks, and replace brake fluids.
  • Every 30,000 miles: You should go in for a full car maintenance and service package where, in addition to all the repairs mentioned above, the car technician will also perform additional fixes. Aside from checking and inspecting every part of your car to make sure that it is in working condition, your technician will pay special attention to your spark plug. If necessary, the spark plug will also be replaced.

If you experience any problems with your car, such as seeing smoke from your exhaust, smelling gas in your car, feeling your car shake, or any other issue, then these signs also indicate that your car needs to be serviced immediately. You can always use Myrtle Beach coupons at car dealerships to save money.

Car maintenance is necessary for all Chevrolet cars, like the Chevrolet Cadillac. By not following your regular maintenance schedules, you could end up voiding your manufacturer's warranty. Servicing your car also helps technicians locate potential problems early on, and in this way, you save money by not having to pay for expensive repairs at a later date.

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