Why Are Tire Rotations Important?

Tire rotations are recommended for normalizing the wear and tear pattern equalizing at around completion of 5000 to 7000 or up to 10000 miles. Car manufacturers advise tire rotation as it balances the typical wear and tear of the tires and provides a balanced drive and better handling. However, the majority of drivers normally care less about rotating the tires, since tire-related issues rarely crop up.

Why Tire Rotation Is Important

Tire wear and tear are common, but if tires are not rotated, then the car control can become more difficult with time. In situations like wet roads, a worn-out tire can escalate the chances of skidding. Certain movements like U-turns, parallel parking or three-point turns will exert pressure on the car’s front and rear tires often. If these take place regularly, then it can continue impacting the tire quality and increase treading, discreetly.

Apart from checking the wear and tear of the front and rear tires, drivers should inspect the treading of the rubber on the tire. The tread of the tire ensures traction and maintains its grip on the road during rains or on uneven surfaces.

Tire wearing and tearing depends on whether the vehicles are the front wheel, rear-wheel, or all-wheel drive. In a front-wheel drive, usually, the front tires face the maximum tear, and thus, the tire rotation must be checked accordingly. In a rear-wheel drive, the wear and tear are more balanced in comparison to front-wheel drive. In the case of a four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicle, it is recommended to rotate all four tires in different patterns to ensure smooth handling and a well-balanced drive. Rear wheeled cars should rotate the front tires to the position of the rear tires in the left and right.

Tire Rotation Patterns

For directional tires, rotating front right with the rear right and front left with the rear right is advised while for non-directional tires, a cross pattern is followed, wherein the front and rear tires are cross rotated on the left and right.

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