Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Test Drive

Taking a car out for a test drive in Myrtle Beach, SC before you decide to purchase it is a critical part of the buying process. A test drive allows you to get a feel of what it's like to sit in the driver’s seat and be in control, helping you decide if the vehicle is right for you. 

Below, we discuss a few suggestions you can follow to get the most out of your test drive for you to make an informed purchase.

Understand a Test Drive is Different From a Quality Check 
Most importantly, you need to understand a test drive is not a quality check. This may seem absurd, but knowing the difference between the two will make a significant impact on your test drive experience.
A test drive is an opportunity to find out about how the car feels to you while driving it. It’s not to determine whether the model operates flawlessly – it has already gone through intensive quality checks for that.

Plan Your Route Properly 
Before taking the car for a test drive, plan the route for where you’d like to commute. Remember driving it in varied environments and on different roads, including highway traffic, stop and go traffic, bumpy roads, etc. This will help you gain a better understanding of the vehicle’s performance. 

Drive it As You Would on a Typical Day 
The key is to drive it like you would on any other day. Do everything that you normally would – parking, parallel parking, hitting the brakes, accelerating, honking, etc. Try out soft brakes and hard brakes. Make sure the car accelerates fast enough and see if the car makes any noise while driving. 

Pay Attention to Smaller Details and Features 
While it’s easy to focus on the bigger features like the engine, don’t forget about more subtle details like the infotainment system, the driver assistance aids, seats, and more. 

Schedule Your Test Drive Today! 
Here at Myrtle Beach Chevrolet Cadillac, we want you to feel comfortable and confident when buying or leasing your next car. This is why we have experts on-site to help you test drive the vehicle you are interested in. We proudly offer our Schedule a Test Drive tool so that you can set up an appointment online and eliminate any waiting time when visiting our dealership for your test drive. This feature also allows you to pick the time that is right for you. You can also schedule your test drive by phone at (843) 427-0037. We work hard here at Myrtle Beach Chevrolet Cadillac to ensure that your car buying experience is nothing short of excellent. Test drive with us today to experience our vehicles and service for yourself. We are conveniently located at 1785 Highway 501, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, which is easily accessible to drivers along the east coast, including those in Wilmington, Florence, Charleston, Myrtle Beach and beyond. Come and see what the specialists here at Myrtle Beach Chevrolet Cadillac can do for you.