Setting Up Chevy Android Auto & Apple CarPlay

Car owners can easily use their Android smartphones and iPhones in their Chevrolet cars through application integration with Chevrolet MyLink display. Chevrolet provides an easy smartphone use through the installation of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay apps, which enables the drivers to use phone features through the MyLink display or via voice command. This Chevrolet technology helps drivers use their phones safely while they drive, without missing out on important communication. Drivers can use most of the Android and iPhone application features on MyLink display.

Integration of Android Auto with Chevrolet MyLink

Car owners can simply open the Playstore and download the Android Auto app and also can plug in the phone with MyLink display and wait for the prompt to download. Before set-up starts, you need to agree to the terms and conditions. Then, to install, you need to turn on the Bluetooth and notifications prompt. Options for display like Calendar events, Incoming calls, Messages, Weather will be seen on the panel of the MyLink display. You need to select the options that you wish to see on MyLink display of your Chevrolet display unit. When the prompt for Accept flashes up, click on it, and the installation of Android Auto will be completed. For using the Android Auto app, just switch on the MyLink display and do remember to switch on your Bluetooth connection.

Integration of Apple CarPlay with Chevrolet MyLink

Drivers can integrate Apple CarPlay with Chevrolet MyLink through Siri, the voice command application which is installed on the iPhone. Simply turn on Siri from the settings option on your iPhone while connecting the USB cable with your iPhone CarPlay port. MyLink will automatically connect with the iPhone once the USB cable is connected. Press and hold the Home button and wait for Siri to appear then prompt for installation of the application on your Chevrolet. After the installation is complete, you can use most of the iPhone features through voice command given to Siri or via the MyLink touch display. Remember to connect your iPhone through CarPlay port for using it while you drive.

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Source: Chevrolet