How to Install a Trailer Brake Controller

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How to Install a Trailer Brake Controller

Installing a trailer brake controller can help you have a safer ride while you’re out and about in Myrtle Beach.

Trailer brakes are seen in several trailers and are a necessary precautionary measure for slowing down and putting a trailer to a halt. Before you start with your installation of a trailer brake controller, keep the following tools handy: a trailer connector, a nipper, screws and a screwdriver, a brake controller.

Here’s your guide on how to install a trailer brake controller.

Choosing the Right Controler

Time-delayed controllers are suitable for occasional towing with light-weight trailer and cargo and need manual synchronization. Proportional controllers, by contrast, get synchronized automatically and are best suited for heavy tows and weighty cargo.

Installing the Trailer Connector

• Choose an appropriate place to install it - the bumper near the wire connector is a good option.

• Remove the core and white sleeve after removing the set screw.

• Insert the wire connector through the trailer connector and cut the wire sheathing to find 7 wires within.

• Strip their insulation and connect each colored wire with the set screw.

• Screw down the set screw once wires are attached and re-install the white sleeve.

Installing the brake controller

• Choose an appropriate place to install it - under the steering to the right side of the driver is a good option.

• Drill 2 holes in the place identified and install the brake controller’s bracket.

• Select a spot underneath the mounted brake controller to run the wires.

Wiring the brake with the controller

Connect your brake’s junction box with the controller through 4 cables:   

• The white cable – connected to any metal part under the steering wheel.

• The blue wire - the trailer brake cable – connects the trailer connector with the rear of the vehicle.

• The black cable – operates the battery because it’s a 12-volt wire.

• Red wire (signal cable) – displays the number on the brake controller screen.

Wiring the Brake Controller and Trailer Connector

• Connect the trailer connector’s bracket with your car’s rear-end.

• Plug the 7-way trailer connector to the bracket and run the blue wire to the car’s rear end trailer connector.

Testing the trailer brake controller is the final step in its installation.

Source: Chevrolet