Chevrolet And Domino’s® Make Ordering Pizza Easy As Pie

Chevrolet and Dominos

Chevrolet And Domino’s® Make Ordering Pizza Easy As Pie

In 2019, food and technology came together to make our lives easier than ever. Automobile giant Chevrolet has added the Chevrolet Marketplace to its list of sophisticated features. On the heels of this modern innovation, the automaker has also partnered up with the crowd-favorite Pizza restaurant chain, Dominos. Thoughtfully designed to make food delivery easier than ever through this creative collaboration. The company aims to enable car owners to order their preferred pizzas from the Chevrolet Marketplace app without the need for a mobile device. The customer can access Dominos in their vehicle by placing an order. The car owner can either pick up the pizzas from the closet store or select to delivery to their residential address.

To set up the Dominos delivery in your Chevy, you will need to follow a few steps. To begin with, the user must set up a free Pizza Profile with Dominos through the mobile app on their phones or a desktop. Next, the user can go ahead and enter the details of their delivery, such as the delivery address and preferred stores. 

The user must also enter the payment options so as to enjoy secure access for payment when ordering in the car. Following this, the customer will have to curate an ‘Easy Order’ list, which is essentially a record of their preferred items from the store. 

In the Chevy, the user will have to log in to their Chevrolet Marketplace app and integrate their Domino’s account to the vehicle. Therefore, the next time the customer visits the Chevrolet Marketplace app; they can select their desired Domino’s items off this list and place the order quickly and efficiently. 

Dominos constantly remains a key player in the online food delivery segment. With its mobile app and user personalization features, Domino’s ensures every customer can access and order their favorite food items without any troubles. The collaboration with Chevrolet further reinstates Domino’s as a key player in this segment. 

The next time you are in your Chevy, you need to just click on your Chevrolet Marketplace app, select your chosen items from a curated list and have your Pizza delivered to your home – all this without the need for mobile.

Source: Chevrolet