Chevrolet’s Standard Safety Features

There's nothing better than feeling safe and secure in your Chevrolet. Having a wide range of options can make your commute safe and enjoyable.

Standard Safety features 

1. Forward Automatic Braking
This feature can detect that a front end collision is likely to occur. It applies brakes or boosts your braking if you are approaching a vehicle too fast. Also, detects that a front-end collision is likely to occur.

2. Front Pedestrian Braking
If the system detects a pedestrian up ahead, the driver receives an alert and turns on the braking system. This will help avoid or reduce the damage caused by a collision.

3. Rear Vision Camera
While reversing, the rearview camera provides a picture of the scene behind the car. This image will appear on the inside rearview mirror or the center stack display. This feature is also helpful while parking.

4. Adaptive Cruise Control Camera
Chevy's forward-looking camera enhances cruise control. The speed adapts helping the driver maintain space between his or her car and the vehicle up ahead. This capability reduces the need for constant braking and accelerating.

5. High Definition Surround Vision
With this, drivers have a “bird’s eye” view in high resolution of the environment around the car. It's set on the center stack with options for more views.

6. Lane Change and Side Blind Zone Alert
This feature gives side-mirror alerts to drivers. This helps in avoiding potential crashes, especially blind spots. The system activates when the vehicle is approaching the blind zone during a lane change.

7. Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Alert
The driver receives gentle turns of the steering and lane departure alerts. This feature helps in avoiding potential crashes resulting from unintentional drifts through lanes.

Other Standard Safety Features
Side Blind Zone Alert. Prevents crashes in moving vehicles that are in the blind zone during lane changes.
Forward Collision Alert. It helps drivers avoid head-on collisions with cars in front.
Rear Cross-Traffic Alert. While in reverse, drivers receive a warning of approaching traffic on both sides.

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