Spring Cleaning: Don’t Forget About Your Chevrolet!

As the weather starts becoming warmer in Myrtle Beach, SC you start cleaning up your household. Starting the new season fresh always feels good. While it is common for people to clean up their homes and offices, they often forget about their vehicles.

Getting your Chevrolet ready for the new season will help improve your driving experience. Follow the tips highlighted below to spring clean your vehicle in Florence, SC:

Brush the Interiors

Due to the winter in Florence, SC, it is common for dirt to start accumulating inside your Chevrolet. With the help of a brush, remove as much grime as you can from the vehicle’s interior. Make sure you focus on all corners of your car, such as the buttons, ventilation zones, and seat cushion crevices, as these places are hotspots for dirt.

Deep-Clean the Mats

The mats of your Chevrolet take the brunt of the grime build-up due to constant usage. Deep cleaning is necessary, as debris and dirt can accumulate in the fibers of the mats. Use a stiff brush on these surfaces, as it can be difficult to remove the particles. Vacuum after you are done to give the floor of your Chevrolet with a new and fresh look.

Organize the Compartments

Start going through the various compartments in your Chevrolet. Identify the items you need and discard the ones you feel don’t have any use of. It is quite easy to crowd up your compartments, as you use them as storage units. Try to maintain order while organizing your essentials.

Wash Your Tires

The tires of your Chevrolet in Florence, SC will pick up large amounts of debris. Avoid using cleaners with harsh chemicals as they can damage your wheels. To clean between the patterns of your tires, use a toothbrush. Not only do you improve its appearance but you also make them last longer.

Spring is also that time of the year when you can identify if there are problems with your Chevrolet. If you want to learn more about how you can keep your vehicle in good condition in Florence, SC, get in touch with Myrtle Beach Chevy today!

Source: Chevrolet