5 Best Times to Buy a Used Car

Clear, sunny days such as Summer days are one of the best times to buy a used car (you’ll know why after reading this article). If you are planning to buy a used car and can afford to wait, then choose these best times to buy. You can save more in the bargain.

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When the Weather Outside is Fine

It is not unusual for used car owners to make a profit by selling cars on rainy days. You may not be able to inspect the vehicle thoroughly on such days due to poor visibility.

In contrast, damages such as dents and scratches are easily visible on clear weather days. This means you can bargain better with the seller on such days, which is why the summer ahead is a fine time to expect a good used car deal.

When Deals are Announced

Auto manufacturers come up with deals for CPO or Certified Pre-Owned cars periodically. Manufacturers provide financing, sometimes even 0% interest offers, on such cars.

Though slightly more expensive than traditional used cars, CPO cars are worth the price, given their quality.

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When Auto Makers Launch New Models

Many people love buying the latest models. When new models arrive, interested buyers trade their used cars for new ones. As a result, you’ll have a larger fleet of used cars to choose from, during such period. Since manufacturers will be eager to sell off the used car inventory faster, you can get the best deals.

When Sales Target Period Nears

The end of a month, quarter, or year, is usually the period when auto salespeople need to make quicker sales to reach their periodic target. They will be more open to bargains. This is a good time to buy a used car because the chances of getting a great deal are more.

When Winter and Holidays Arrive

Not many would be willing to brave cold winters to inspect and test drive used cars. So, you have an increased chance of getting the best deals in winter.

Holidays, especially around December and January, see exclusive deals on new cars. Sellers keen on buying new cars will want to sell their used cars faster to avail such deals. Use this time to negotiate your way to a great deal.

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