Chevrolet Safety

Chevrolet Safety

Chevrolet in Myrtle Beach, or anywhere for that matter, has always had safety as one of its highest priorities. The company itself has stated on its website that it has done everything possible for a safe driving experience. That combined with responsible drivers can be very assuring that a Chevy is a reliable and safe vehicle to have on the road.

Here are some of the safety features of Chevrolet vehicles Braking systems:
Chevrolet cars have both Front Pedestrian Braking and Forward Automatic Braking systems. These braking systems alert the driver to apply brakes if an imminent collision is detected with a pedestrian or another vehicle respectively. If the driver does not apply brakes when warned, the system automatically halts the vehicle to prevent an impact.

Cameras: With Chevrolet’s inbuilt cameras, drivers have virtually no blind spots. There is an adaptive cruise control camera, rear vision camera, high-definition surround vision, and a rear camera mirror. With all the cameras and the mirror in place, everything from a cruise-controlled speed, reversing, changing lanes and more can be done with ease and efficiency thanks to the enhanced visual assistance.

Alerts and warning systems: With a Chevrolet in Myrtle Beach, it is next to impossible to be a bad driver. You get an alert if you are changing lanes or if a vehicle is coming up along your side, and you even get steering wheel assistance to keep you within your lane. You are always reminded to use your turning signal when required and given the okay to turn only when the road is clear.

Assist features: The assist features on the Chevy make sure that you never have a problem when reverse parking. You will be warned if there is any cross traffic and guided to stop before you collide with anything that you might not be able to see. Safety design: The body of Chevys are built with safety in mind. The high-strength steel combing with strategic crumple zones that absorb impact ensure that passengers are not injured in case of a collision. There is also a six-airbag system in the car for driver and passenger protection. Chevrolet in Myrtle Beach ticks all the right boxes for safety.

Source: Chevrolet