Deciding to buy a used car is a good choice. But did you know? If not tested carefully before buying it, it can cost you big money in the future.

But worry not, we have mentioned the top five tips for test-driving used cars.

1. Test Drive It Across Different Road Surfaces

You should insist on your car dealer letting you drive the car on different road surfaces. This will allow you to test the suspension mounts and other steering components. Many dealers primarily let you drive on a plain road surface. But this wouldnt...continue reading

Driving in the rain can be difficult for even the most seasoned drivers. Whether it is a sprinkle or a downpour, rainy conditions are often associated with gloomy weather and a higher crime rate. Let us take a look at some of these important things that you need to know before stepping out for driving in the rain.

1. Wait it out: Postpone or wait till the weather improves before starting your drive. Until and unless its absolutely necessary, there is no reason to put yourself in danger.

2. Check the car equipment: Always double-check...continue reading

Just as your body needs regular nutrition and grooming, your car needs regular maintenance. Regular maintenance will give plenty of benefits such as increased lifespan, better performance, safety, and high resale value. You should undertake basic maintenance yourself. Here are some tips to get started.

1. Go through the owner's manual.

The owner's manual is your guide to all the information about your vehicle. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the manual. The maintenance schedule section will give you...continue reading

If you are someone looking to buy a used car and struggling with the process, you are not alone. Millions of used cars are bought and sold each year. Whether it is a private party deal or an agency dealership sale confusions are bound to seep in.

Worry not! We have compiled here a list of steps involved to simplify the entire process for you.

1.How much do you want to spend?

Assessing the amount of money you want to spend is absolutely crucial while purchasing a used car. If you are planning to take out a loan, you should be...continue reading

A CARFAX vehicle history report provides a detailed picture of a cars value and condition in Conway. Over 20 variables are considered in this report. CARFAX puts this information into an easy-to-understand and simple format:

History-Based Value

This section evaluates a vehicles value based on several factors other than mileage or age. It includes items such as title concerns, service records, previous owners, and past accidents. A CARFAX History-based value provides your vehicles retail or trade-in value in case youre thinking...continue reading